On the last day of NaNo..

Hey all! First off, congratulations to all NaNoWriMo participants! Even if you haven’t validated yet, the fact that you have more words written now than you did at the start of November means you’ve basically won. For those, like me, hovering around the 40k area; keep writing! It is totally possibly to write 10k in a day, I’ve seen people do it. For those over 50k (like past me =(..), have some well-deserved sleep and maybe a chocolate or two.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging for the month, but I promised myself I would only post if I was on schedule, which was basically never. I’m used to writing 60k in November and finishing way ahead of time, but this year I took days off and they basically killed my writing pace. Not that I regret my beautiful holiday, or my mom visiting, but next year those things definitely won’t be planned for November 0.o. Anyway, I’m still writing, so keeping this short. Will be back after November with a lessons learned post.

For now, remember if it ain’t midnight, you need to still be typing, and even if you don’t reach the rather arbitrary goal of 50k, you should still be proud of yourself for sticking to it ’til the end. Confetti & cakes for all!