Works in progress


Darcy and friends [status: writing a horribly ugly first draft]

The Painted Past [status: third draft/rewrite]

Life and Ted [status: part script, second draft done ]

Short stories:

Same old [published as part of the May theme Tradition by Dear Damsels]

Free Bird [status: trying to resist the temptation to write this awesome story while I finish a novel]

When Friends Storm In [status: rejected twice, with encouraging feedback; story focuses on Anna pre-Painted Past, as a means of getting to know my main character better and expanding the story world beyond London]

Memories of murder: Wattpad FutureLibrary entry [completed]

High school: hell? [completed, on Wattpad for feedback]

Reversion [rejected twice, so I decided to publish it on Wattpad instead, hoping I could use the feedback to improve my writing, though I sadly haven’t got any yet]

Comma [published as part of the 2011 Write for Japan anthology to raise money for the earthquake victims in Japan – still available]


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