The double-edged sword of technology

Happy new year! I have had a relatively technology-free Christmas period, being too busy dealing with relatives and all, and I’ve since found it hard to pick up my routine of social media. Not just blogging, but keeping up to date with twitter, continuing my rewrite, and everything else that I use my computer for aside from games and watching TV. Then I came across a post about why we don’t do what we want to do¬†and it hit me; I’m not blogging, or even writing, because I’m afraid it just won’t be good enough. This has nothing to do with time; I have plenty of free time. I just choose to waste it on consuming, which is a lot easier to deal with after a long day’s work, when I should be creating.

Where has the time gone? Oh, Youtube, you devil..

So, my plan for the month of February is to do as the Tiny Buddha instructs and write for 15 minutes every day. Hopefully that way it will become a routine, and I can keep it up for the rest of the year. Blog posts will be less frequent than once a day, just because I simply don’t have enough bright ideas about what to discuss, but they should be more frequent than they are now, while not being rushed.

The only obstacle to all of this is me; my computer gives me access to the internet as much as my writing program, and that is a dangerous thing. Though I need the internet for research, it’s a huge distraction and time-suck. This is THE dilemma of our modern lives, I think. Our brains are deliciously addicted to consuming information/adorable baby animals/etc, of which the internet has no shortage. Now there are programmes that can disable social media or even the whole internet for a certain amount of time, and there’s always Write-Or-Die, but still.. Things were so much easier in November when there were thousands of people failing, trying and triumphing right alongside me, when there was always this community in the background of people who knew what I was going through. Though I still meet with my NaNo-group, that feeling isn’t there anymore.

So, to kick things off on my Year of writing dangerously, I have posted the short story that I’ve previously submitted (and had rejected) by several publications on my Wattpad page. Please read it and tell me what you think, or if you want me to post it directly on here I can do that too.