Challenge fail

So.. 15 minutes of writing a day did not happen. I failed my goal in spectacular fashion, not even managing it once. In my defence, I have been pretty well occupied with my work, an important/annoying presentation, and the switch to a long distance relationship. Still, in order to be a writer one has to write!

Does this make me not a writer? Or just one with writers block? I had the best intentions at the start of this blog to get my novel rewritten in time for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (open now!), but I have been making excuses for not writing. No time, no energy, too much work, no idea what to write, everything I can think of sucks, I can’t do my thoughts justice on paper etc. I’ve tried switching to other projects, writing random dialogue between characters to get to know them better, writing a sequel for NaNo.. Nothing seems to make me more inspired.

So.. I have two options:

1. Admit I am not a writer and give up, focus on my real, paid work.

2. Suck it up and get back to writing.

Black-and-white. Do-or-die.

Well, I am a writer. I have been a writer since childhood. I can’t not be a writer.

So.. I simply have no choice.


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