Raring to go

It’s almost here! November starts tomorrow! I apologise in advance for updating this blog less frequently, but the actual writing must come first. My goal this year, as always, is 60k or a completed first draft, whichever seems more feasible. Since I’ll be writing with a lot more of social life than usual, I am not as confident as previous years that I’ll actually be able to pull it off, but we’ll see..

Last minute tips:

– I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but please check out the NaNo-forums for support, random plots/characters/challenges, and procrastination celebration.

– Follow NaNoWriMo on twitter, or even better the NaNoSprints account, to stay updated and to get some sprinting action going. It’s amazing the things that writing fast for a couple of minutes can produce (personally I prefer to still write legibly but do whatever works for you).

Write Or Die. This website/software helps you to keep writing by either making it impossible for you to go back and edit, or (in hardcore mode) eating your words if you don’t keep writing! Fun times.

– Glow sticks! If you’re looking for something that takes a little longer than the word sprints, one thing to do is crack a glow stick and keep writing until it stops working. Warning: don’t do this with a really good glow stick, as it will keep going for days! =P

– Remember to take a break! Go out for a walk, take a shower, go out with your friends.. Give your brain a chance to recover. Can’t live on words alone, much as I’d love to.

I’m rooting for all of you taking part! Enjoy!


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