Introducing Anna

In preparation of NaNo, I thought I’d write some posts about my main characters, giving a little bit of background. Hopefully this will get some people interested in what I’m writing, but mainly it’ll help me get into my characters’ skin, round them out in time for November.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Anna; feisty, powerful, and stubborn as hell. Anna is an only child, brought up by a single, slightly melodramatic mother; her dad died before she was born. She’s slightly shorter than she’d like to be, loves to run, has long brown hair and green eyes. Anna grew up in small-town USA, but moved to London to get her undergraduate degree in History.

It’s been 10 years since Anna moved across the pond, found out she could perform magic (I’m writing a sequel), and was nearly killed because of it. She’s since learned how to control her magic, no longer randomly having things catch on fire around her, and she is confident with who she is. She’s a lot more serious than she used to be, and doesn’t seem to have much time for relationships of any type.

Now, after years of living in the States near her mom, Anna is going back to London, and will be working as a teacher at her old university. She’s very excited about it, considering how much she loved her old teachers (except one), but also quite apprehensive. She did after all burn a lot of bridges when she moved away.

Aside from physical attributes, behaviour and personality, I’m still thinking about what kind of music she likes, what her favourite food is.. I’m not sure if this matters, but it can’t hurt!

Please let me know in the comments if you’d be interested to learn more about this character, i.e. read the story of their life. I know it’s only a short bio but I want her to feel rounded out, human.


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